What is Assets. United?

Put simply, Assets. United. is our answer to the following question:

“How do you manage customer expectations when you’re faced with shrinking budgets, rapidly deteriorating assets and ambitious net zero goals?”

With finite (and often shrinking) resources available for managing a diverse and complex range of assets – keeping things simple is key.

In the world of asset management, we frequently see local authorities using multiple legacy systems (often in conjunction with paper or spreadsheet-based processes). This can lead to unnecessary complexity, work duplication, human error and escalating costs.

Our solution? Assets. United. One partner, and one system to manage all the assets under your control.

Assets. United. approach simplifies complexity and cuts costs. It gives you real-time insights into how assets behave and affect each other, helping you make proactive, informed decisions for the long-term benefit of your community.

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For over 20 years, Brightly has helped clients thrive in the midst of evolution - often leading the way through innovation. These are just a few of the successes we've seen along the way.

Smarter assets, sustainable communities

Dealing proactively with aging infrastructure and constrained budgets

 Explore the complexities of highway asset management with our roads and highways expert. In this video, Steve poses innovative solutions for the urgent challenges facing the UK’s aging network of roads, bridges, and structures, explaining why proactive management is crucial.

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Maintaining public spaces despite funding cuts

Join Roger, our grounds and parks asset management expert as he navigates through the intricate ecosystem of public spaces, highlighting the importance of maintaining these areas despite funding cuts. In this video, Roger’s insights emphasise the role effective management of these assets plays in preserving community pride, safety, and well-being, as well as the ecological benefits.

Prevent costly incidents and ensure the integrity of your drainage infrastrucutre

Discover drainage asset management insights with Nick, our expert on the topic. In this video he addresses the challenges posed by the outdated drainage networks hidden beneath our communities. He explains the vital role of accurate mapping and proactive maintenance in preventing costly incidents, such as floods, and ensuring the ongoing integrity of our drainage infrastructure.  

Reduce community disruptions with a shift to a holistic asset approach

Explore Bristol City Council’s shift to a holistic asset approach in this video with Shaun Taylor. See how integrating various assets into Confirm has led Bristol to proactive maintenance, cost savings, and reduced community disruptions. 

Establishing a reliable 'single source of truth'

Carol Valentine, at Kent County Council, shares Kent’s journey since 2006 with Confirm, emphasising a centralised, digital system for asset management. Learn about the impact Confirm has on streamlining and digitising the oversight of thousands of assets, establishing a reliable ‘single source of truth’.