Anticipate future costs and outcomes with data-driven insights

Maximise time and resources to increase focus on critical tasks

Prevent risk of asset failures with predictive modeling

Power up your organisation with one, integrated solution

“We now have confidence our data is painting a true picture, and our information is powerful – at the click of a few buttons we can show the decision makers where money is best invested. We have $3 billion plus in assets – our investment in asset systems and data means we are able to meaningfully inform critical decisions about how to manage these assets, at a cost that is a minute percentage of our overall portfolio value.”


Craig Grace
Asset Management & Planning Coordinator   
The Department of Education, Tasmania

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Become the Asset Management Hero Your Community Needs

Gain data-driven insights

In the complex landscape of local government asset management, data is vital for success. Limited real-time insights can lead to poor planning, ineffective funding strategies, and an increased risk of asset failure leading to inadequate community outcomes. Brightly’s Strategic Asset Management solutions empower local and state governments to:

  • Predict current and future asset performance and capital planning needs
  • Maximise short- and long-term asset outcomes without compromising budgets
  • Justify business needs and funding requests with real-time asset data

Do more with less

With soaring project costs meeting a staggering shortage of infrastructure workers, Australian governments face a challenge to maximise their resources at-hand. While Asset Management software can alleviate these concerns, without an experienced team to support its implementation, you could be wasting valuable time and money. Fortunately, Brightly’s managed services are designed to help you:

  • Identify and bridge any organisational gaps 
  • Work as an extension of your team to take away unnecessary or onerous tasks 
  • Assist you in achieving your asset management goals efficiently, without compromising compliance

Extend asset lifecycles

Ageing infrastructure and deferred maintenance (when not supported by data-driven insights) can lead to asset failures, unexpected downtime, and potential risks to public safety. Brightly’s world-class predictive maintenance software equips government leaders to combat these challenges head-on, whether your assets are brand new or nearing their expected useful life:

  • Leverage predictive models to prevent asset failures and reduce unexpected costs 
  • Predict when maintenance should occur, leading to higher productivity 
  • Extend the life of your assets by minimising disruptions and improving overall efficiency and performance 

Support end-to-end operations

Manual tracking processes or combinations of outdated systems are becoming increasingly incapable of meeting the grueling asset management demands for local and state government leaders. These solutions offer limited real-time data or insights and frequently lead to poor infrastructure performance and unexpected disruptions. With Brightly’s Infrastructure Asset Management solutions, you can:

  • Capture all of your community asset data into one single, scalable platform 
  • Make smarter, evidence-based improvements wherever you are in your asset management journey 
  • Support short- and long-term decision making with real-time data gathered directly from a centralised asset register 

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